Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-46 to 60

Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-46 to 60
Ward No.46 Name: Smt. Surjit Kaur Bhatia
Party: SAD
Address: R/O 1971, Lala Qut Basti Abdulapur, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 94633-20424 , 81462-00080 , 98773-03088 , 5152487 , 5135612
Ward No.47 Name: Smt. Surjit Kaur Dang
Party: SAD
Address: R/O 230/1 BX Model Town, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 89688-58566 , 98725-55300
Ward No.48 Name: Sh. Manvinder Pal Makar
Party: SAD
Address: R/O 407 A, Modal Town Extension, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98721-20522
Ward No.49 Name: Smt. Mamta
Party: INC
Address: R/O 50, Model Town Gram, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 5107423 , 98151-00877 , 2772938
Ward No.50 Name: Sh. Kapil Kumar
Party: IND
Address: R/O 475 Flat No 3256, Jwahar nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98768-80504
Ward No.51 Name: Smt. Renu Bansal
Party: BJP
Address: R/O 52/4 Bharat Nagar Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 87270-56400
Ward No.52 Name: Sh. Narinder Kumar Kala
Party: INC
Address: R/O 284, Sham Singh road Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98142-00015
Ward No.53 Name: Sh. Gurpreet Bassi
Party: INC
Address: R/O 1100-A, Diyal Nagar Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98147-06061 , 2400400
Ward No.54 Name: Smt. Deepika Bhala
Party: INC
Address: R/O 519, Gandi Lein, Collage Road Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98725-00707 , 98140-00707
Ward No.55 Name: Sh. Balkar Singh Kasal
Party: INC
Address: R/O 43-E, Rishi Nagar Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 94175-00013
Ward No.56 Name: Sh. Bhupinder Singh
Party: SAD
Address: R/O B-20, 2748 Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98781-00007 , 98140-36995
Ward No.57 Name: Smt. Veeran Bedi
Party: IND
Address: R/O 384,Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98157-85416 , 98722-90333
Ward No.58 Name: Smt. Paramjit Kaur Shivalik
Party: SAD
Address: R/O Mehtabh House, Maduban Enclave, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98149-05445 , 93161-46471
Ward No.59 Name: Sh. Tanveer Singh Dhaliwal
Party: SAD
Address: R/o Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar Phase-2, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98143-00545 , 98765-71146
Ward No.60 Name: Sh. Jaswinder Singh Bhola
Party: SAD
Address: R/O 1600, Azad nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98155-26723


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