Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-31 to 45

Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-31 to 45
Ward No.31 Name: Sh. Narinder Singh
Party: BJP
Address: B-34-516, Chander Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98884-00672 , 2309738
Ward No32 Name: Smt. Anita Kharbanda
Party: IND
Address: B-2-823, Chawani Mohhala, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98140-13004
Ward No.33 Name: Sh. Raghbir Singh
Party: IND
Address: H.No.1714/8-A, Hukam Singh Road,Near SDP Collage, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98140-34703 , 98881-02936
Ward No.34 Name: Sh. Amrik Singh
Party: IND
Address: H.No.1869/104, Kila Mohalla, Daresi Road, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98151-82089
Ward No.35 Name: Smt. Sushma Mehta
Party: INC
Address: H.No.9/1172, Rupa Mistri Gali,Teh & Distt , Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 94172-05904 93169-01456
Ward No.36 Name: Sh. Rakesh Prashar
Party: INC
Address: H.No.B-XII, 135/2, Shahpur Road, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98157-25552 , 98767-47000 , 2720294 , 2745666
Ward No.37 Name: Sh. Gurpreet Singh
Party: IND
Address: H.No.353-B-VIII, Mochpura Bazar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98150-00511
Ward No.38 Name: Smt. Neha Nayyar
Party: IND
Address: H.No.13,St.No.1, Dharam Pura, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98159-00374
Ward No.39 Name: Sh. Sanjiv Kumar Talwar
Party: INC
Address: H.No.B-XXIII,4942, Ram Nagar, Samrala Road, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98728-54951 , 98881-47241 , 98886-05413
Ward No.40 Name: Sh. Jasbir Singh Jassa
Party: IND
Address: H.No.6812, Hargobind Marg, Opp.Shiv Shakti Mandir, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 97817-91700
Ward No.41 Name: Smt. Pinky Bansal
Party: INC
Address: H.No.B-XXIII,6263, Hargobind Nagar, Gali No.10, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 81465-99099
Ward No.42 Name: Sh. Gurdeep Singh Neetu
Party: BJP
Address: H.No.B-XIV-2072,Amarpura, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 93168-23808 , 98725-00688 , 98728-00688 , 5050788 ,2221221
Ward No.43 Name: Smt. Geeta Devi
Party: BJP
Address: H.No.B-XIV-730/3, Prem Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98888-74848 , 94173-23095
Ward No.44 Name: Smt. Ramandeep Kaur
Party: BJP
Address: H.No.B-16-620/1136/1, Street No.1, Gill Road, Vishkarma Puri ,Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98725-49756
Ward No.45 Name: Sh. Kamaljit Singh Karwal
Party: SAD
Address: H.No.265-L, Model Town,Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98550-80945 , 98146-80945 , 98888-68783 , 2493783


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