Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-1 to 15

Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-1 to 15
Ward No.1  Name: Randhir Singh Sibia
Party:  IND
Address: H.No.27/28-R, New Dana Mandi , B-32, Village Bhoura.
Contact Number: 94171-47198
Ward No.2 Name: Ninderjit Kaur Dhillon
Party:  SAD
Address: New = G5/26 (Old=B-25-640), Village Sekhewal
Contact Number: 9876300023 , 6464600023
Ward No.3 Name: Varinder Sehgal
Party:  INC
Address: H.No.3235, Shimla Colony, Kailash Nagar
Contact Number: 99151 -20555
Ward No.4 Name: Sarabjeet Singh Laddi
Party:  SAD
Address: H.No.702, St.No.4, Krishan Colony, Rahon Road
Contact Number: 85588-51007
Ward No.5 Name: Kuldeep Kaur Bhinder
Party:  SAD
Address: H.No.10861 , St. No.5, New Subhash Nagar
Contact Number: 98140-26330, 99140-26330
Ward No.6 Name: Avtar Kaur
Party:  INC
Address: Block-31, H.No.11649 Anandpura
Contact Number: 98142-65402
Ward No.7 Name: Gurpreet Singh Gora
Party:  IND
Address: H.No.1556. B-31 Street No.1, Vishkarma Nagar
Contact Number: 98146-68439, 98146-68459 , 97815-21000
Ward No.8 Name: Daljit Singh Grewal Bholla
Party:  IND
Address: B-XXXl /14195, Guru Gobind Singh Nagar Tibba Road
Contact Number: 99155-00500
Ward No.9 Name: Mandeep Kaur
Party:  SAD
Address: H.No.593, Urban Estate, Sector 39, Chandigarh Road
Contact Number:  99150-70556, 97791 -70556
Ward No.10 Name: Pal Singh Grewal
Party:  SAD
Address: H.No.3575. B-XXXl , Jamalpur Awana
Contact Number: 98551-88877
Ward No.11 Name: Satinder Kaur Grewal
Party:  INC
Address: Vill. Jamalpur Awana, Chandigarh Road
Contact Number: 9872001544
Ward No.12 Name: Surjit Singh Rai
Party:  SAD
Address: H.No.4 St. No.1 New Guru Nanak Nagar, Mundiyan Kalan Road
Contact Number:  98159-05195, 98728-05195
Ward No.13 Name: Sunita Aggarwal
Party:  BJP
Address: 1513, Urban Estate Phase-ll, Near Jain School Jamalpur
Contact Number: 9915897168, 9876911181 , 9888159136
Ward No.14 Name: Megha Aggarwal
Party:  BJP
Address: H.No. HM-128, Jamalpur Colony, Punjab Housing Board.
Contact Number: 98141-27042
Ward No.15 Name: Sukhdev Singh Gill
Party:  SAD
Address: H.No.124, Railway Colony, Sherpur Kalan
Contact Number: 0161 -2608478 , 98153-40661 , 98780-40661


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