Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-61 to 75

Municipal Councillors of Ludhiana Ward no-61 to 75
Ward No.61 Name: Sh. Rakhwinder Singh Gabria
Party: SAD
Address: 12478, St.No.10, Vishkarma Colony, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 95015-00005
Ward No.62 Name: Smt. Sarabjeet Kaur
Party: INC
Address: H.No.1913/11, St.No.10, Satguru Nagar, New Shimla Puri, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98721-37072
Ward No.63 Name: Sh. Jagbir Singh Sokhi
Party: SAD
Address: 6004,New Shimla Puri, Street No.7, Block-21, Daba Road, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 94170-27411 , 2491411 , 2500063
Ward No.64 Name: Sh. Sat Pal Singh
Party: SAD
Address: 10192, 120-B, V.P.O Lohara Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98556-61001 , 98550-80945 , 2774313 , 2499411, 98727-12626 ,98723-32999
Ward No.65 Name: Sh. Swaran Singh Moholi
Party: IND
Address: 10192, Bhagwan Chowk Janta Nagar, Street No.8, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98729-00646 , 2494317
Ward No.66 Name: Smt. Manjit Kaur Ghaturey
Party: SAD
Address: 3830/1, Street No. 9, New Janta Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98140-10981
Ward No.67 Name: Sh. Ranjit Singh Ubhi
Party: SAD
Address: 3619, Street No.4, Chet Singh nagar, Gill Road, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98156-62013
Ward No.68 Name: Sh. Parminder Singh Soma
Party: SAD
Address: 12530, Street No.8, Vishkarma Colony, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98729-88596
Ward No.69 Name: Sh. Swarandeep Singh
Party: SAD
Address: 13914/1 (old 13902), Dholewal, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98551-85778 , 5179772
Ward No.70 Name: Sh. Harcharan Singh
Party: SAD
Address: Gohalwaria 11918, St. No.4, S.A.S. Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98140-20912 , 5052412
Ward No.71 Name: Smt. Sarabjit Kaur Cheema
Party: SAD
Address: H.No.1. Bhagwan Nagar, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98140-93795 , 98144-04028 , 2490407
Ward No.72 Name: Sh. Hakam Singh Giaspura
Party: SAD
Address: Village Giaspura, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 97800-39400 , 93169-13405 , 2673621 , 2670621 , 2670882 , 5033928
Ward No.73 Name: Smt. Baby Singh
Party: IND
Address: 7171, Mahan Singh Nagar, daba Lohara Road, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 94172-02300 , 34522-02300 , 2535984
Ward No.74 Name: Smt. Amandeep Kaur
Party: SAD
Address: B-29 455/3, Vill giaspura, P.o. Lohara, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 98726-26261
Ward No.75 Name: Sh. Sarabhjit Singh
Party: SAD
Address: B-29, H.No.686, Dhandari Kalan, Ludhiana.
Contact Number: 99155-00006


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